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DS1259 - DS1259 Battery Manager Chip - Buy DS1259

DS1259 - DS1259 Battery Manager Chip


arrowFacilitates Uninterruptible Power Supply

arrowUses Battery only when Primary Vcc is Not Available

arrowLow Forward Voltage Drop

arrowPower Fail Signal Interrupts Processor or "Write Protects" Memory

arrowConsumes less than 100nA of battery current

arrowLow Battery Warning Signal

arrowBattery can be Electrically Disconnected upon Command

arrowMates Directly with DS1212 Nonvolatile Controller x 16 Chip to back up 16 RAMs

Pin Layout
DS1259 - DS1259 Battery Manager Chip

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 NC - Not Connected
2 Vbat - Battery Input Connection
3 BF - Battery Fail Output Signal
4 NC - Not Connected
5 BAT - Battery Output
6 RST - Reset Input
7 GND - Ground
8 GND - Ground
9 NC - Not Connected
10 NC - Not Connected
11 PF - Power Fail Output Signal
12 Vcco - RAM Supply
13 Vcco - RAM Supply
14 NC - Not Connected
15 Vcci - +5V Supply
16 Vcci - +5V Supply

Dimensional Drawing
DS1259 DIP16 Dimension Drawing
DS1259 DIP16 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Data Sheet for DS1259 Datasheet

Application Notes