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DC Opto-Isolated 8 Input Board

Great new DC Opto-Isolated 8 Input Board for 5V and 24V DC systems. Ideal for use with your control system, such as watering systems, burglar alarms, monitoring systems and much more. This professionally produced control board will fit into most control systems with easy to connect standard TTL outputs suitable for microcontrollers or embedded systems.

This unit features high-performance PC817 opto-isolated inputs, together with LED indication for each input. Inputs can easily be set to 5V or 24V, by using of standard jumpers on the board. Outputs to a standard 34 pin IDCC connector are provided for easy interfacing to a microcontroller board or embedded system. Outputs are standard TTL with open collector high current 500mA output.

Our new DC Opto-Isolated Input Board is the ideal solution for a professionally designed control system and provides a high degree of performance at a very attractive price.

Part Code: ETDCIN8


  • Opto-Isolated For Improved Satefy and Reliability
  • Suitable for 5V or 24V Input
  • LED Indication of each Input State
  • Standard IDCC connectors for easy connection
  • Standard 5V output for most microcontrollers
  • Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Systems
  • Board Dimensions: 150 x 55 mm