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CAN Node

CAN Node

Our CAN Node, will work on most CAN bus systems. Provides 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, together with 2 analog 8-bit inputs. Up to 64 units allowed on the one bus. Each unit address can be easily programmed on the bus. A set of commands is preconfigured for turn output on and off, together with reading of the various inputs. Unit will also respond to group commands, such as a system wide shutdown. Kit comes complete with programmed PIC and CAN interface IC. Detailed instructions are included.

Part Code: CANNODE


  • Two 8-bit Analog Inputs
  • 3 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs
  • Easy to Connect and Daisy-Chain on CAN bus
  • Up to 64 Nodes on the One CAN Bus, which each node addressable
  • Works with a 9-24Vdc Power Supply

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