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Acceleration Sensor Board

Compact acceleration sensor for measuring acceleration in 2 axeses. Our Acceleration Sensor Board uses the high-quality ADXL202 sensor from Analog Devices® and can measure acceleration from -2g to +2g in either X or Y axis.

Save time and money with this pre-mounted and assembled acceleration sensor unit. No need to solder the small SMD ADXL part, this unit comes completely assembled and ready to operate. The compact unit can be easily mounted on a robot or mobile unit, with easy to connect header for signal output. Output is in PWM format and can be connected directly to a microcontroller. The unit has minimum power requirements and a fast response time.

Ideal for use in robots, guidance systems, car systems, model aircraft and much more.



  • Compact Ready-to-Run Module, no assembly required
  • Measures acceleration from -2g to +2g
  • Fast Response Time
  • Low Power Requirements
  • PWM signal output for both X and Y axis
  • Uses the High-Performance ADXL202 acceleration sensor from Analog Devices®
  • Board Dimensions: 24 x 24 mm

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