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AC Opto-Isolated Output Board

AC Opto-Isolated Output Board

Our AC Opto-Isolated Output Board is fitted with 4 Triac Outputs, for fast switching ot output circuits and long-life. Ideal for switching main circuits, lights, appliances and small loads. Each circuit is effectively isolated with opto-isolators on each channel. TTL inputs control each channel. Control of the outputs can be easily implemented with a microcontroller or control system. With a TTL signal to the board switching the output channels. Protection fuse is incorporated on the board. 12V supply is required for the board.



  • Connects Directly to Arduino and Futurlec Controller Boards
  • Opto-Isolated for Effective Isolation between Input and Output Circuits
  • Protection Fuse Incorporated, together with LED Status Indication
  • PCB Terminals with Screw Fixing for Secure Connection
  • Fast Switching Triac Output suitable for up to 6A @ 220Vac
  • Dimensions: Length - 127mm, Width - 56mm