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74LS Series - Cross-Reference Table

Technical Data

74LS TTL Cross-Reference Guide

Part No. Package Fairchild Motorola / ON Philips TI Fujitsu Hitachi Mitsubishi Datasheet
74LS00 PDIP14 DM74LS00N SN74LS00N N74LS00 SN74LS00N 74LS00M HD74LS00P M74LS00P Datasheet
74LS01 PDIP14     N74LS01 SN74LS01N 74LS01M HD74LS01P   Datasheet
74LS02 PDIP14 DM74LS02N SN74LS02N N74LS02 SN74LS02N 74LS02M HD74LS02P M74LS02P Datasheet
74LS03 PDIP14 DM74LS03N SN74LS03N N74LS03 SN74LS03N   HD74LS03P   Datasheet
74LS04 PDIP14 DM74LS04N SN74LS04N N74LS04 SN74LS04N 74LS04M HD74LS04P M74LS04P Datasheet
74LS05 PDIP14 DM74LS05N SN74LS05N N74LS05 SN74LS05N 74LS05M HD74LS05P M74LS05P Datasheet
74LS08 PDIP14 DM74LS08N SN74LS08N N74LS08 SN74LS08N 74LS08M HD74LS08P M74LS08P Datasheet
74LS09 PDIP14 DM74LS09N SN74LS09N N74LS09 SN74LS09N   HD74LS09P M74LS09P Datasheet
74LS10 PDIP14 DM74LS10N SN74LS10N N74LS10 SN74LS10N 74LS10M HD74LS10P M74LS10P Datasheet
74LS11 PDIP14 DM74LS11N SN74LS11N N74LS11   74LS11M HD74LS11P M74LS11P Datasheet
74LS14 PDIP14 DM74LS14N SN74LS14N N74LS14 SN74LS14N 74LS14M HD74LS14P M74LS14P Datasheet
74LS20 PDIP14 DM74LS20N SN74LS20N N74LS20 SN74LS20N 74LS20M HD74LS20P M74LS20P Datasheet
74LS30 PDIP14 DM74LS30N SN74LS30N N74LS30 SN74LS30N 74LS30M HD74LS30P M74LS30P Datasheet
74LS32 PDIP14 DM74LS32N SN74LS32N N74LS32 SN74LS32N 74LS32M HD74LS32P M74LS32P Datasheet
74LS38 PDIP14 DM74LS38N SN74LS38N N74LS38 SN74LS38N 74LS38M HD74LS38P M74LS38P Datasheet
74LS42 PDIP16 DM74LS42N SN74LS42N N74LS42 SN74LS42N 74LS42M HD74LS42P M74LS42P Datasheet
74LS47 PDIP16 DM74LS47N     SN74LS47N 74LS47M HD74LS47P M74LS47P Datasheet
74LS48 PDIP16 DM74LS48N     SN74LS48N   HD74LS48P   Datasheet
74LS51 PDIP14 DM74LS51N SN74LS51N N74LS51 SN74LS51N 74LS51M HD74LS51P M74LS51P Datasheet
74LS54 PDIP14 DM74LS54N SN74LS54N N74LS54 SN74LS54N 74LS54M HD74LS54P   Datasheet
74LS73 PDIP14 DM74LS73AN SN74LS73AN N74LS73 SN74LS73N   HD74LS73P M74LS73P Datasheet
74LS74 PDIP14 DM74LS74AN SN74LS74AN N74LS74 SN74LS74AN 74LS74M HD74LS74P M74LS74P Datasheet
74LS75 PDIP16 DM74LS75N SN74LS75N N74LS75 SN74LS75N   HD74LS75P M74LS75P Datasheet
74LS76 PDIP16     N74LS76 SN74LS76AN   HD74LS76P   Datasheet
74LS85 PDIP16 DM74LS85N SN74LS85N N74LS85 SN74LS85N 74LS85M HD74LS85P M74LS85P Datasheet
74LS86 PDIP14 DM74LS86N SN74LS86N N74LS86 SN74LS86AN 74LS86M HD74LS86P M74LS86P Datasheet
74LS90 PDIP14 DM74LS90N SN74LS90N N74LS90 SN74LS90N   HD74LS90P M74LS90P Datasheet
74LS92 PDIP14 DM74LS92N SN74LS92N N74LS92 SN74LS92N   HD74LS92P M74LS92P Datasheet
74LS93 PDIP14 DM74LS93N SN74LS93N N74LS93 SN74LS93N   HD74LS93P M74LS93P Datasheet
74LS95 PDIP14 DM74LS95N SN74LS95N N74LS95 SN74LS95BN   HD74LS95P M74LS95P Datasheet
74LS107 PDIP14   SN74LS107AN N74LS107 SN74LS107N 74LS107M HD74LS107P M74LS107P  
74LS109 PDIP16 DM74LS109N   N74LS109 SN74LS109N   HD74LS109P M74LS109P  
74LS112 PDIP16 DM74LS112AN SN74LS112AN N74LS112 SN74LS112AN 74LS112M HD74LS112P M74LS112P Datasheet
74LS122 PDIP14   SN74LS122N   SN74LS122N   HD74LS122P   Datasheet
74LS123 PDIP16 DM74LS123N   N74LS123 SN74LS123N 74LS123M HD74LS123P M74LS123P Datasheet
74LS125 PDIP14 DM74LS125AN SN74LS125AN N74LS125 SN74LS125AN       Datasheet
74LS126 PDIP14 DM74LS126AN SN74LS126AN N74LS126 SN74LS126AN       Datasheet
74LS132 PDIP14 DM74LS132N SN74LS132N N74LS132 SN74LS132N   HD74LS132P M74LS132P Datasheet
74LS136 PDIP14 DM74LS136N SN74LS136N N74LS136 SN74LS136N   HD74LS136P   Datasheet
74LS137 PDIP16   SN74LS137N   SN74LS137N       Datasheet
74LS138 PDIP16 DM74LS138N SN74LS138N N74LS138 SN74LS138N 74LS138M HD74LS138P M74LS138P Datasheet
74LS139 PDIP16 DM74LS139N SN74LS139N N74LS139 SN74LS139AN 74LS139M HD74LS139P M74LS139P Datasheet
74LS145 PDIP16   SN74LS145N N74LS145 SN74LS145N 74LS145M   M74LS145P Datasheet
74LS148 PDIP16   SN74LS148N   SN74LS148N   HD74LS148P M74LS148 Datasheet
74LS151 PDIP16 DM74LS151N SN74LS151N N74LS151 SN74LS151N 74LS151M HD74LS151P M74LS151P Datasheet
74LS153 PDIP16 DM74LS153N SN74LS153N N74LS153 SN74LS153N 74LS153M HD74LS153P M74LS153P Datasheet
74LS154 PDIP24 DM74LS154N   N74LS154     HD74LS154P   Datasheet
74LS155 PDIP16 DM74LS155N SN74LS155N N74LS155 SN74LS155AN 74LS155M HD74LS155P M74LS155P Datasheet
74LS156 PDIP16 DM74LS156N SN74LS156N N74LS156 SN74LS156N   HD74LS156P   Datasheet
74LS157 PDIP16     N74LS157 SN74LS157N 74LS157M HD74LS157P M74LS157P  
74LS158 PDIP16 DM74LS158N SN74LS158N N74LS158 SN74LS158N   HD74LS158P M74LS158P  
74LS160 PDIP16 DM74LS160AN SN74LS160AN   SN74LS160AN 74LS160M HD74LS160P M74LS160P Datasheet
74LS161 PDIP16 DM74LS161AN SN74LS161AN N74LS161 SN74LS161AN 74LS161M HD74LS161P M74LS161P Datasheet
74LS162 PDIP16 DM74LS162AN SN74LS162AN N74LS162 SN74LS162AN 74LS162M HD74LS162P M74LS162P Datasheet
74LS163 PDIP16 DM74LS163AN SN74LS163AN N74LS163 SN74LS163AN 74LS163M HD74LS163P M74LS163P Datasheet
74LS164 PDIP16 DM74LS164N SN74LS164N N74LS164 SN74LS164N 74LS164M HD74LS164P M74LS164P Datasheet
74LS165 PDIP16 DM74LS165N SN74LS165N   SN74LS165AN       Datasheet
74LS166 PDIP16 DM74LS166N SN74LS166N   SN74LS166AN       Datasheet
74LS169 PDIP16   SN74LS169N       HD74LS169P    
74LS174 PDIP16 DM74LS174N SN74LS174N N74LS174 SN74LS174N 74LS174M HD74LS174P M74LS174P Datasheet
74LS175 PDIP16 DM74LS175N SN74LS175N N74LS175 SN74LS175N 74LS175M HD74LS175P M74LS175P Datasheet
74LS190 PDIP16 DM74LS190N SN74LS190N N74LS190 SN74LS190N 74LS190M HD74LS190P M74LS190P Datasheet
74LS191 PDIP16 DM74LS191N SN74LS191N N74LS191 SN74LS191N 74LS191M HD74LS191P M74LS191P Datasheet
74LS192 PDIP16 DM74LS192N SN74LS192N N74LS192 SN74LS192N 74LS192M HD74LS192P M74LS192P Datasheet
74LS193 PDIP16 DM74LS193N SN74LS193N N74LS193 SN74LS193N 74LS193M HD74LS193P M74LS193P Datasheet
74LS194 PDIP16 DM74LS194AN SN74LS194AN N74LS194 SN74LS194AN 74LS194M HD74LS194P M74LS194P Datasheet
74LS195 PDIP16 DM74LS195AN SN74LS195AN N74LS195 SN74LS195AN 74LS195M HD74LS195P M74LS195P Datasheet
74LS221 PDIP16 DM74LS221N SN74LS221N N74LS221 SN74LS221N 74LS221M HD74LS221P M74LS221P Datasheet
74LS240 PDIP20 DM74LS240N SN74LS240N   SN74LS240N       Datasheet
74LS241 PDIP20 DM74LS241N SN74LS241N   SN74LS241N       Datasheet
74LS243 PDIP14 DM74LS243N SN74LS243N   SN74LS243N       Datasheet
74LS244 PDIP20 DM74LS244N SN74LS244N   SN74LS244N       Datasheet
74LS245 PDIP20 DM74LS245N SN74LS245N   SN74LS245N       Datasheet
74LS247 PDIP16 DM74LS247N SN74LS247N   SN74LS247N   HD74LS247P   Datasheet
74LS251 PDIP16 DM74LS251N SN74LS251N N74LS251 SN74LS251N 74LS251M HD74LS251P   Datasheet
74LS253 PDIP16 DM74LS253N SN74LS253N N74LS253 SN74LS253N 74LS253M HD74LS253P M74LS253P Datasheet
74LS257 PDIP16 DM74LS257BN SN74LS257BN N74LS257 SN74LS257BN 74LS257M HD74LS257P M74LS257P Datasheet
74LS259 PDIP16 DM74LS259N SN74LS259N N74LS259 SN74LS259BN       Datasheet
74LS260 PDIP14   SN74LS260N N74LS260         Datasheet
74LS266 PDIP14 DM74LS266N SN74LS266N N74LS266 SN74LS266N       Datasheet
74LS273 PDIP20 DM74LS273N SN74LS273N N74LS259 SN74LS273N     M74LS273P Datasheet
74LS279 PDIP16 DM74LS279N SN74LS279N N74LS279 SN74LS279AN 74LS279M HD74LS279P M74LS279P Datasheet
74LS280 PDIP14   SN74LS280N   SN74LS280N     M74LS280P  
74LS283 PDIP16       SN74LS283N 74LS283M HD74LS283P   Datasheet
74LS293 PDIP14   SN74LS293N N74LS293 SN74LS293N   HD74LS293P M74LS293P  
74LS299 PDIP20 DM74LS299N SN74LS299N   SN74LS299N   HD74LS299P M74LS299P  
74LS365 PDIP16     N74LS365 SN74LS365AN 74LS365M   M74LS365P  
74LS367 PDIP16 DM74LS367AN SN74LS367AN N74LS367 SN74LS367AN   HD74LS367P M74LS367P Datasheet
74LS368 PDIP16   SN74LS368AN N74LS368 SN74LS368AN 74LS368M HD74LS368P M74LS368P  
74LS373 PDIP20 DM74LS373N SN74LS373N   SN74LS373N       Datasheet
74LS374 PDIP20 DM74LS374N SN74LS374N   SN74LS374N       Datasheet
74LS375 PDIP16       SN74LS375N        
74LS377 PDIP20 DM74LS377N SN74LS377N   SN74LS377N       Datasheet
74LS390 PDIP16 DM74LS390N SN74LS390N   SN74LS390N     M74LS390P Datasheet
74LS393 PDIP14 DM74LS393N SN74LS393N   SN74LS393N     M74LS393P Datasheet
74LS423 PDIP14       SN74LS423N        
74LS540 PDIP20   SN74LS540N   SN74LS540N       Datasheet
74LS541 PDIP20   SN74LS541N   SN74LS541N       Datasheet
74LS574 PDIP20 DM74LS574N             Datasheet
74LS590 PDIP16       SN74LS590N        
74LS595 PDIP16       SN74LS595N        
74LS640 PDIP20   SN74LS640N   SN74LS640N       Datasheet
74LS645 PDIP20 DM74LS645N SN74LS645N   SN74LS645N       Datasheet
74LS682 PDIP20   SN74LS682N   SN74LS682N       Datasheet
74LS688 PDIP20   SN74LS688N   SN74LS688N       Datasheet

* The information appearing here is for a guide only and actual technical specifications may vary slightly between the different manufacturers, please consult the full datasheet.