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Freescale Releases New 32-bit Kinetis Microcontrollers with 16-bit ADC

These new ARM Microcontrollers, feature Speeds up to 72MHz and Low-Power Modes down to 1.45uA, with Two Independent 16-bit ADC's

Freescale have expanded it's range of Kinetis 32-bit microcontrollers (built on the ARM® Cortex™-M4 processor) with low-power additions to the Kinetis K series. These devices consume approximately 270uA/MHz in run mode, with a maximum frequency of 72 MHz and a variety of low-power modes down to 1.45uA. A high level of flexibility and reconfigurability make the devices ideal for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

The new Kinetis 72MHz MCUs range from 64 KB of flash memory in a 64 LQFP package up to 256 KB of flash memory in a 104 MAPBGA package. The devices feature high-precision analog, FlexMemory and rich user interface peripherals, as well as USB connectivity. The integrated analog measurement engine includes two independent 16-bit ADCs that provide up to 1 MSPS in 12-bit mode and up to 14.5 ENOB for 16-bit differential input conversions. Each ADC has a programmable gain amplifier (up to 64x), allowing high-precision measurement of wide input signal dynamic range.

Kinetis K series microcontrollers are included in the Freescale Energy Efficient Solutions program, which highlights selected products that excel in effective implementation of energy-efficient technologies and/or deliver market-leading performance in the application spaces they are designed to address. The mark stands for Freescale's technology expertise in delivering products optimized for high performance within the constrained energy and power budgets of embedded environments.

The company's Web site address is www.nxp.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from Freescale]