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Compact Flash Board

Compact Flash Board

Designed and Engineered specifically for applications requiring large data storage our new Compact Flash Board is ideal for remote sensing and data logging applications. Based on the latest technology microcontroller, the PIC18F458 from Microchip, this board has been specially developed for long lasting and reliable remote data storage applications. With an easy to remove and readily available Compact Flash Card for data storage, data can be easily transferred in seconds to your computer or writeable CD. The Futurlec Compact Flash Board will suit the most demanding data storage requirements, with a memory storage capability of a huge 4Gb.

Store daily temperature values, GPS readings, Fuel Consumption Figures, Trip time and speed values, the options are endless. With the removable compact flash card for data storage, transferring data is a breeze making the system ideal for use with transport companies, building monitoring systems, remote temperature stations, etc. Use it in your home to record hourly temperature values, daily rainfall figures, fuel consumption for heating furnaces, then download the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or charting program for easy visualization and plotting of data values.

The Compact Flash Board also includes facility for connection by RS232, RS422 and RS485, for enabling and setting up the board. Transfer Baud rates are easily adjustable from 9600 to 57600 Baud, with a setable dip switch selectors mounted on the board. Together with a Real Time Clock, to record time values down to a second, combined with Battery Back-Up for easy system restart.

The new Futurlec Compact Flash Board is an ideal solution for data logging and storage applications. With an easy to use and transfer data storage technique based on readily available Compact Flash Cards, this board is well suited for use in Industrial, Agricultural and even home applications. With a superior price-performance ratio compared to other products currently available, this board is the perfect choice for your data logging applications.

Note: Compact flash card not included.



  • Uses Standard Easy to Transfer Compact Flash Cards
  • Suitable for Cards Up to 4Gb
  • On-Board Real Time Clock for Recording Time Values
  • Standard FAT16 Data Storage, suitable for both DOS and Windows
  • Adjustable Baud Rates
  • Auto Recovery System for Power Failure during Write Operations
  • Ideal for Data Logging and Remote Monitoring Applications

Available Now for only $89.90   

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Compact Flash Board
Compact Flash Board

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