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AD844AN - AD844 60MHz 2000V/µs Monolithic Op-Amp - Buy AD844AN

AD844AN - AD844 60MHz Monolithic Op-Amp


arrowWide Bandwidth: 60MHz at Gain of -1

arrowWide Bandwidth: 33MHz at Gain of -10

arrowVery High Output Slew Rate: Up to 2000V/µs

arrow20MHz Full Power Bandwidth, 20V p-p, Rl = 500ohm

arrowFast Settling: 100ns to 0.1% (10V Step)

arrowDifferential Gain Error: 0.03% at 4.4MHz

arrowDifferential Phase Error: 0.158 at 4.4MHz

arrowHigh Output Drive: 650mA into 50ohm Load

arrowLow Offset Voltage: 150mV Max (B Grade)

arrowLow Quiescent Current: 6.5mA

Pin Layout
Analog Devices AD844 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 NULL - Null
2 -IN - Inverting Input
3 +IN - Noninverting Input
4 -Vs - Negative Supply
5 TZ - See Data Sheet
6 OUT - Output
7 +Vs - Positive Supply
8 NULL - Null
Dimensional Drawing
AD844AN - PDIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Analog Devices - Data Sheet for AD844AN AD844AN Datasheet

Application Notes