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AD780AN - AD780 2.5V/3.0V High Precision Voltage Reference - Buy AD780AN

AD780AN - AD780 2.5V/3.0V High Precision Voltage Reference


arrowPin-Programmable 2.5 V or 3.0 V Output

arrowUltralow Drift: 3 ppm/°C max

arrowHigh Accuracy: 2.5V or 3.0V ±1mV max

arrowLow Noise: 100 nV/sqr(Hz)

arrowNoise Reduction Capability

arrowLow Quiescent Current: 1mA max

arrowOutput Trim Capability

arrowPlug-In Upgrade for Present References

arrowTemperature Output Pin

arrowSeries or Shunt Mode Operation (±2.5 V, ±3.0 V)

Pin Layout
Analog Devices AD780 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 NC - Not Connected
2 VIN - Positive Supply Input
3 TEMP - Temperature Output
4 GND - Ground
5 TRIM - Output Trim
6 VOUT - Voltage Output
7 NC - Not Connected
8 O/P SELECT - Output Select
Dimensional Drawing
AD780JN - PDIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Analog Devices - Data Sheet for AD780AN AD780AN Datasheet

Application Notes