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AD654JN - AD654 Voltage to Frequency Converter - Buy AD654JN

AD654JN - AD654 Voltage to Frequency Converter


arrowLow Cost

arrowSingle or Dual Supply, 5V to 36V, ±5V to ±18V

arrowFull-Scale Frequency Up to 500 kHz

arrowMinimum Number of External Components Needed

arrowVersatile Input Amplifier

  • - Positive or Negative Voltage Modes
  • - Negative Current Mode
  • - High Input Impedance, Low Drift

arrowLow Power: 2.0 mA Quiescent Current

arrowLow Offset: 1 mV

Pin Layout
Analog Devices AD654 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Fout - Frequency Output
2 Logic Common
3 Rt - Resistor Terminal
4 +Vin - Voltage Input
5 -Vs - Negative Supply
6 Ct - Oscillator Capacitor
7 Ct - Oscillator Capacitor
8 +Vs - Positive Supply
Dimensional Drawing
AD654JN - PDIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Analog Devices - Data Sheet for AD654JN AD654JN Datasheet

Application Notes