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AD584JN - AD584 Precision Voltage Reference - Buy AD584JN

AD584JN - AD584 Precision Voltage Reference


arrowFour Programmable Output Voltages: 10.000V, 7.500V, 5.000V, 2.500V

arrowLaser-trimmed to High Accuracies

arrowNo External Components Required

arrowTrimmed Temperature Coefficient

arrowZero Output Strobe Terminal Provided

arrowTwo Terminal Negative Reference Capability (5V and above)

arrowOutput Sources or Sinks Current

arrowLow Quiescent Current: 1.0mA Max

arrow10mA Current Output Capability

Pin Layout
Analog Devices AD584 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 10.0V - 10V Output
2 5.0V - 5V Output
3 2.5V - 2.5V Output
4 COMMON - Common
5 STROBE - Strobe
6 Vbg - Voltage Bandgap
7 CAP - Capacitor
8 V+ - Positive Supply
Dimensional Drawing
AD584JN - PDIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Analog Devices - Data Sheet for AD584JN AD584JN Datasheet

Application Notes