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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.

8 x 7 Segment Display

8 x 7 Segment Display

Easy to use Seven Segment Display Board, includes 8 pre-installed Red Common Cathode Seven Segment Displays (0.6" digits) and MAX7219 driver IC. Connectors provided for easy interfacing to Futurlec Development boards. Instructions and Schematics included. Ideal for counters or digital displays of numeric values.

Part Code: SDP8


  • 8 - Seven Segment Common Cathode Displays
  • MAX7219 included and installed
  • Uses only 4 microcontroller I/O pins
  • Connects Directly to the AT90S2313 Development Board and Other Boards
  • Dimensions: Length - 167mm Width - 38mm

Incredible Value at only $23.90   


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